Patient Testimonials

"I refer friends and relatives to you because of your expertise and experience in the field of selecting and fitting hearing instruments. Thank you for your great service." P. Green, Modesto, CA
I want you to know how pleased I am with my new 100% digital hearing aids. I feel like I have returned to the "land of communication" again. And for as much as I work within a Skilled Health Facility, the ability to hear well is not an option for my work. Many of our Senior Residents have diminished capacity in their vocal abilities and it is imperative that I am able to hear them clearly. My new Digital hearing aids have increased my ability to minister in our Chapel Services, Bible Studies and Daily devotions. Both speaking and singing without feeling I am doing so in a vacuum have been a great relief to me with these hearing aids. Neither do I have to strain to hear conversations in staff meetings or resident accessment sessions. I am very pleased with the equipment and services you provide. My sincere thanks for your help. Sincerely, R.W. Anderson, Chaplain, Turlock, CA
"This letter is to relate to you how pleased I am with my Oticon Syncro hearing devices. I had heard stories of how being in a crowded room would be difficult and unbearable to tolerate because of the noise. To the contrary, I have found the experience to be wonderful hearing what is being said instead of guessing about half of it. Prior to being fitted with the Oticon Syncro devices female voices were extremely difficult to understand, for the most part I would only understand half of what a woman was saying unless she was right next to me. I can now hear the complete conversation and even different pitches in my wife's voice for the first time in many years. To say the least, my experience with my new Oticon Syncro devices have been nothing but wonderful. My only regret is not having them sooner! It would have made many hours of my life more enjoyable. Thank you." D. Johnson, Ceres, CA
I liked the way Mr. Posey understood my budget situation. I am a widow, 81 years of age, he fitted me with two Oticon digital hearing aids and payments I could afford, also a very friendly office staff. E.K., Turlock, CA
I liked his care of patients, you can get in touch with him most anytime. As a patient, when I need him he is ready to see me and generally doesn’t charge for small help. Ruth H. Modesto, CA
I like the very professional staff and they’re always available when I need them. Roger G., Turlock, CA
I like the after sale service, they don’t forget you after the sale! Their demeanor does not change, it’s like they are glad to see you any time. Wm H., Lathrop, CA
I like that these people treat you like you are part of their family. When issues arise, they go miles out of their way to solve your problems. They are all very, very customer oriented. If you purchase elsewhere, you are not getting the quality of care these people give. They are knowledgeable and understanding. Frank T., Modesto, CA