About Our Hearing Center

Our History

Posey's Hearing Aid Center was established in 1957 by Marvin and Diane Posey. In 1984 their daughter and son-in-law, Kristi and Bryan Green acquired the Turlock location and today run both the Modesto hearing aid and Turlock hearing aid offices. Marvin has always believed in a hands-on, connect with the patient approach and instilled this concept in all of his staff throughout the years.

Marvin retired in 1999 only to return to his passion of serving the hearing impaired a year later and works tirelessly in improving the lives of so many.

Bryan and Kristi along with their excellent trained staff continue to provide a variety of hearing healthcare services including, comprehensive hearing evaluations, hearing aid prescribing, fitting, and most importantly patient education and follow-up care.

During the past 50 years Posey's has seen many changes in the hearing industry. With the incorporation of digital hearing aid technology, hearing aids have become smaller and more efficient in providing solutions for the multitude of hearing problems the hearing impaired encounter.

Posey's continues to stay current with all new technologies, improved testing and fitting techniques to be able to provide excellent results for all hearing impairments.